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  • Quartet has been awarded GREENGUARD Gold Certification.

    After choosing the world’s most rigorous standards for third-party chemical emission testing, Quartet products achieved the highest award: The GREENGUARD Gold Certification.
  • How to Choose the Right Quartet Glass Dry-Erase Board for You

    Choosing the right Quartet Glass Dry-Erase boards will come with several considerations on what works best for you and the environment.
  • The Difference Between Whiteboard Surface Types

    In the market for a board, but unsure of what you need? Let us guide you through your options.
  • 3 Must-Have Workspace Tools for Productivity

    Guest Blogger: Workspacery shares how she creates a functional, productive workspace. No matter whether you work in an office or at home — isn’t always as easy and intuitive to design as it sounds. Factors such as clutter and the division of tasks are just a couple of challenges that come with creating the perfect space; especially when you work at home, every little detail of your environment can impact your productivity and stress level while working.
  • How to Run an Efficient 30 Minute Meeting

    Time is precious throughout the workweek. It can be difficult to get all your work done when you’re running from meeting to meeting each day. To gain back some of your time, here are a few tips to turn that hour long meeting into an effective 30 minute session.
  • How to Prepare for a Brainstorming Session

    Brainstorming meetings have a lofty goal – coming up with great ideas. In order to make the most of your brainstorming time, preparation is key. We’ve put together a few key tips to help you prepare for a successful and effective session.
  • 3 Stages of a Successful Brainstorm

    Whether you’re attending meetings and working on a large project, most jobs involve some form of teamwork. However, we know it can sometimes be intimidating to speak up in a group. To help your team find their voice, here are some tips to keep in mind during your next meeting.
  • 4 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

    Setting goals at work helps you stay focused and lets you easily track your accomplishments throughout the year. Here’s how to get started and follow through on your work goals
  • Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Dry-Erase Board

    Whether you use a dry-erase board daily or occasionally, you want your board to continue looking and working like new. Regular cleanings and maintenance are key to preserving the surface of your board.