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Design Trends in the Workplace (at Home and Away) Featuring New York Interior Designer Jennifer Stephan


The last few years have completely transformed the way we work as well as the spaces in which we work. Whether you find yourself at home behind a desk with your kitchen right around the corner, or side-by-side with a co-worker inside an office building, the design of your workspace can have a big impact on your daily experience. New York Interior Designer Jennifer Stephan shares some of the trends that she’s currently seeing both at home and at the office, along with some of her favorite Quartet® products to use in these workspaces.

First up is the mobile office, but that doesn’t necessarily mean working remotely from home. “What I’m seeing is when employees arrive for work, they don’t have an assigned desk,” says Jennifer. “Instead they have cubbies to store personal items and then they set-up their workstation in community spaces. One day they may have a meeting in one room and the next day, they could be in an entirely new space, even on another floor.”

For these scenarios, Jennifer recommends the Quartet Computer Desktop and Glass Desktop Easel. Both allow you to jot down quick notes at your desk for the day. Plus, they can easily be packed up when you are ready to move or go home.



Jennifer also says that standing desks are more popular than ever and popping up both at home and at the office. “More than ever, health-conscious workers are turning toward ergonomic friendly desks and accessories to give them a more productive workday. Standing desks give workers flexibility and a 'change of scene' during their long workday. The Quartet Computer Riser Monitor works well here in that you can adjust it whether you are sitting or standing for better posture.”



For those who work from home, Jennifer says your office doesn’t have to look like an office. Create a cozy space that you’ll want to work in. One way to do that is with a rug, but according to Jennifer, a thick rug may not be conducive to a rolling office chair. “Rugs can create what I call a wonky surface. You end up fighting with your chair all day long. That’s why I love the Quartet Glass Floor Mat. It not only helps keep the rug smooth underneath so that you can still experience that cozy feel, it also helps elevate your chair evenly and gives it a smooth surface to roll around.”



The at home office is also extending to children’s rooms. “I’m seeing a lot of parents who want to create an 'office' space in their child’s room,” says Jennifer. “The space is mainly for homework, but many kids also will use it for their hobbies. So with that in mind, I love to give them a special place to display their work and show their personality.” To do that, she turns to Quartet Cork Boards and Glass Desktop Easel. The Easel has a clip so it’s easy to display artwork. For the cork boards, Jennifer says that there are so many fun, colorful push pins now that kids can have a lot of fun making it their own.



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