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5 Reasons a Dry-Erase Easel is Essential for Your Team


Dry-erase boards are a great way to encourage team collaboration and communication. When you want need a board that can follow your brainstorm, Quartet dry-erase easels are the perfect solution. We’ve gathered a few reasons why our easels are a great fit for your office:

  1. Project Management

    Projects run smoothly when everyone is on the same page. Set up your easel where the whole team can see it. You can list out assignments, due dates, goals, announcements and more. This is an easy way to keep your team aligned and productive.

  2. Portable Brainstorming

    Some of your best ideas come from team meetings. When you use the shared dry-erase board in conference rooms, you risk someone erasing all of your hard work. A portable easel lets you take your brainstorming results straight from the meeting to your workspace.

  3. Focused Tasks

    Smaller than typical dry-erase boards, easels are able to fit comfortably in your workspace. The small size can help keep ideas focused, directions simple and your team on track.

  4. No Mounting Needed

    Not all workspaces are the same. You may rent your space or share the office with others. In these cases, facility managers may not let you mount boards on your walls. Dry-erase easels are a great solution for these setbacks and provide a collaborative surface for your team to work on.

  5. Versatile Use

    Quartet easels are more than just a dry-erase board. Many easels are magnetic, which lets you post notes, reminders and announcements for your team. Most of our easels also include flipchart hooks or clamps, which are helpful for presentations or expanded brainstorming space.

From large offices to small teams, dry-erase easels can help encourage creativity, collaboration and teamwork. Explore our range of easel options to find the perfect fit for your office.