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The Best Accessories for Glass Boards

Quartet glass boards add a touch a modern style to your daily routine. The smooth glass surface makes it easy to brainstorm, create and communicate with your team. However, glass boards are different than typical dry-erase surfaces. In order to make an impactful message, you’ll need the right tools. Here are a few recommendations to help you make the most of your glass board.

  1. Choose the Right Markers - Because glass is thicker than most dry-erase surfaces, you need to use markers with strong pigments. Quartet Glass Board Markers are engineered for glass surfaces and deliver bold, vivid color every time.
  2. Erase Your Writing - Start each project with a clean board. Our 3-in-1 erasers use multiple cleaning pads to capture dust and scrub the surface. This helps keep the glass clear and streak-free.
  3. Use High-Power Magnets - In order to post documents on your glass board, you’ll need high-power magnets. Make sure to use Quartet Glass Board Magnets, which are strong enough to hold on the thick, magnetic glass surface.
  4. Clean Your BoardExtend the life of your glass board with regular cleanings. Our glass board cleaner has a fast-drying formula, which removes residue and helps restore your board to its original state.

Quartet offers a range of glass board accessories to help you create bold presentations, organize your thoughts and stay focused. Explore all of our markers, cleaners and magnets to find the best tools for your project.