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Installing Your Infinity Glass Whiteboard

We know you’re excited to start using your Quartet Infinity Glass Dry-Erase Board! To help you get started, we’ve provided detailed instructions for mounting your glass whiteboard. Please note that instructions may vary depending on the size of your board, but all Infinity boards will follow the same basic steps.

Refer to the chart below to determine how many mounting holes your board has and adjust the steps accordingly.

Size Infinity SKUs Mounting Holes
24" x 18" G2418B, G2418W, G2418F, GC2418F, G2418NMW 4
36" x 24" G3624B, G3624W, G3624F, GC3624F, G3624NMW 4
48" x 36" G4836B, G4836W, G4836F, GC4836F, G4836NMW 4
72" x 48" G7248B, G7248W, G7248F, GC7248F, G7248NMW 6
96" x 48" G9648B, G9648W, G9648F, GC9648F, G9648NMW 8

What’s Included in the Hardware Kit?

  • A) Infinity Glass Whiteboard
  • B) Accessories Tray
  • C) Metal Threaded Standoff Caps
  • D) Washers (2 Washers per Hole)
  • E) Phillips Head Screws
  • F) Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors
  • G) Metal Threaded Standoffs

What Else Do I Need?

  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Power Drill
Infinity Installation Parts

Step 1– Prepare for Installation

  • Make sure you have enough people to install your board. We recommend 2 people for smaller boards and 3+ people for 72" x 48" and 96" x 48" boards.
  • Place the Glass Whiteboard (Part A) against the wall in the desired installation location.
  • Place a level on top of the board to confirm it is level.
  • Use a pencil to mark an “x” in each mounting hole.
  • Pro Tip - Only use a pencil when marking the holes. Read our helpful whiteboard installation tips to find out why.
Infinity Installation 1

Step 2-5 – Insert Wall Anchors

  • Carefully remove the glass whiteboard from the wall and place it in a safe spot.
  • Use a 7/32” drill bit to create the pilot hole.
  • Insert a Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor (Part F) into each of the “x” marks using a Phillips Head screwdriver. Turn clockwise until the head of each anchor is flush with the wall.
Infinity Installation 2

Step 6-7 – Install Standoffs

  • Place a Standoff (Part G) over each drywall anchor. Insert a Phillips Head Screw (Part E) through the standoff, into the anchor and tighten.
  • The screw should hold the standoff tightly against the wall, repeat this process for all standoffs.
  • Make sure all standoffs are flush against the wall before proceeding.
Infinity Installation 3

Step 8 – Install Glass Board

  • Place Washers (Part D) on the threaded section of each metal Standoff Cap (Part C). Lift glass whiteboard and align holes with the Standoffs (Part G) on your wall.
  • For glass whiteboards 48" x 36" and smaller: Place a washer behind the glass board before screwing the metal standoff cap into the barrel.
  • Once all washers are in place: Insert Standoff Caps (Part C) through the whiteboard and into the Barrels (Part G).
  • Turn caps clockwise until they are almost tight against the glass dry erase board. Repeat steps for all standoffs.
  • Fully tighten Standoff Caps once they are all in place.
    Make sure the standoffs are flush against the board surface.
Infinity Installation 4

Step 9 – Attach Accessory Tray

  • Starting at an angle, press the Accessories Tray (Part B) up along the bottom of the glass whiteboard.
  • The glass should fit between the gap in the back channel of the tray.
  • Push the tray up until the bottom of the back channel is fully against the glass.
Infinity Installation 5
Infinity Glass Whiteboard Mounted on Wall in Office

Ready to Write!

You’re now ready to start using your glass marker board! Keep your thoughts organized and ideas flowing on the beautifully designed, frameless glass surface. Our Infinity boards are easy to erase, while our dry-erase markers help you create bold writing. If you have a magnetic glass board, hang up reference documents and reminders for easy viewing. Personalize the way you use your glass whiteboard to spark your creativity!

Have More Questions?

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. You can also download a copy of your manual and visit our Quartet Infinity Glass Dry-Erase Boards page for more information on the Infinity line.