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4 Ways to Improve Team Communication

Improving communication with dry-erase

Whether you’re attending meetings and working on a large project, most jobs involve some form of teamwork. However, we know it can sometimes be intimidating to speak up in a group.  To help your team  find  their  voice, here are some tips to keep in mind during your  next meeting:

Be Open and Honest

Open communication between all team members will help projects run smoothly from start to finish.  Each person should feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and be honest about the amount of work they can handle.  

Create Common Goals

Work together to create group goals and write them on your dry-erase boardBy having common goals, everyone will feel they have a right and a responsibility to share their thoughts with the group. 

Speak Up

It’s okay to have a little anxiety when speaking in a group. Just remember, you don’t have to talk the entire time, just for a few minutes. Your team will be glad you did, especially if you noticed something that no one else did.  

Celebrate Together

Win or lose, get the team together. Every victory should be celebrated and every loss mourned as a team. Even if you just meet for 10 minutes, it gives everyone a chance to reflect on what went well and what can be improved next time. 

Teams encourage collaboration from all members. The best ideas often come from groups, not individuals – so this is the time to voice your opinionDon’t be afraid to speak up, speak often, and speak freely. Each team has a different way of communicating - that's why we've created the new product line: Quartet Infinity Customizable Glass Boards. These boards give your team the opportunity to customize your dry-erase board to work for your team while adding a focal point to your environment. Learn more.