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Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Dry-Erase Board


Whether you use a whiteboard or a glass board daily or occasionally, you want your board to continue looking and working like new. Regular cleanings and maintenance are key to preserving the surface of your board.

Cleaning your board is actually very simple! All you need is a whiteboard eraser, a dry-erase board cleaner and two dry towels.

How to Clean a Whiteboard

  1. Use your Quartet Eraser to erase the board completely of marker ink
  2. Spray the Quartet Board Cleaner across the area you’d like to clean
  3. Take one of the dry towels and wipe away the cleaner completely
  4. Use the second towel to make sure the surface is completely dry
  5. You’re ready to write again!

Regular cleanings remove residual ink dust and can help prevent stains. Between cleanings, here are a few easy tips and tricks to keep your board looking great.

Whiteboard and Glass Board Cleaning Tips

  1. Erase Your Board – Leaving ink on a board for extended periods can increase the chance of stains. When you’re done using your board, erase the ink to keep your board clear.
  2. Recap Your Quartet Markers – Markers with fresh ink are easier to erase, which helps keep the board surface clean and fresh.
  3. Replace Your Eraser – Dirty erasers can spread ink residue across the board surface. Replace your Quartet eraser (or wash the microfiber cloth) when you notice this happening.

A clean board not only lasts longer, but also encourages more use. A stain-free surface is the perfect canvas for new ideas, drawings and more. However you choose to brainstorm, these cleaning tips will help you extend the life of your board.

Looking for more dry-erase board cleaning tips? Take a look at our detailed cleaning recommendations for a step-by-step whiteboard cleaning process.