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Free shipping on orders over $50. Promo applied at checkout.

Benefits of Brilliance Glass Boards - magnetic, bright white, different sizes, and warranty

Bring clarity to your next big idea with Quartet Brilliance Glass. Our premium, true white glass delivers sleek and professional style to any office or home.

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Stunning Clarity

Make your ideas stand out. Our new and improved high-contrast glass has a vividly white surface that makes handwriting clear and distinct. It’s the perfect canvas for brainstorming, presenting and everything in between.

Brilliance white glass versus standard glass, which is green
Brilliance Glass Board in conference room


Elevate your workspace with a true white surface and frameless design. The remarkably white dry-erase glass board helps inspire innovative thoughts and ideas, while the professional look complements nearly any décor.

Clean Erase

Clearly communicate ideas, announcements and more without the distraction of leftover streaks. Our easy-to-erase Brilliance glass will not stain or ghost, which lets you write, erase and rewrite on a clean surface, every time.

Brilliance Glass wipes clean, no staining or ghosting