Use to fit your individual needs; this cork roll can be easily cut into any size or shape. It absorbs sound and is great for crafts and other projects around the home or office.

  • Clean and simple cork roll is 1/16" thick
  • Ideal for light use in any environment
  • 24"W x 48"L when laid out fully
  • Natural cork is durable and absorbent
  • Cork roll can easily be cut into any size or shape
  • 1 roll per pack
  • UPC: 034138103005
  • Bulletin Surface Type: Cork
  • Detailed Color: Brown
  • Frame Finish: None
  • Period of Warranty: 60-day
  • Size: 2" x 4"
  • Type: Cork Bulletin Boards
  • Usage: Cubicle - Light use
  • Use Frequency: Light Use
  • Country of origin: Portugal

When you want a variety of options, choose a cork roll. Fully unrolled, the cork measures 24" x 48" but it can be easily cut to any size. You can even cut it into custom shapes for craft projects or to use as unique display surfaces. The cork is 1/16" thick and fully tackable. Great for home or office use, a cork roll has many applications. Cork material is natural and durable and has the ability to absorb noise, making it a convenient sound insulator. It is also especially useful around the house for lining drawers and shelves. If you want to use it for display, simply stick any size piece of the cork roll to the wall. Using push pins or thumbtacks you can tack up photos, documents and more to the self-healing cork, without the worry of unsightly pin holes. Dependable cork is recommended for light use in any environment, and this cork roll is easily adaptable to fit your individual needs.

Quartet® Natural Cork Roll, 24" x 48"
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