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1. If ink remains on the board 24/7, then that is Heavy usage, even if only changed once a week, such as in restaurants.

2. Every whiteboard needs cleaning. The better the surface, the less cleaning required.

3. Porcelain surfaces are always magnetic, but Magnetic surfaces are not always porcelain.

4. Board design and frame color aesthetics are often important to match the environment in which they are placed.

5. Not all dry-erase markers perform equally. Some are more difficult to erase than others, which results in Stains and Ghosting. Quartet® EnduraGlide® dry-erase markers optimize performance by always providing excellent erasability.

6. Erasers should be clean! A dirty eraser will often spread ink residue across the board surface.


A “must” for every classroom and high traffic conference room.

• Porcelain & Glass will not stain or ghost / Total Erase resists ghosting & staining 
• Porcelain surface will not scratch or dent

Ideal for conference rooms, common areas, factory floors and heavy-use personal boards.

Excellent choice for popular conference rooms or shared environments

• Total Erase resists staining & ghosting 
• Total Erase includes subtle grid pattern helps guide writing

Ideal for public spaces and personal heavy use

Popular for personal workspaces 
Ideal for low-frequency, personal use or public areas


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