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SKU: 79549A

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Make the most of your whiteboard with this dry-erase kit. The kit not only includes an eraser and cleaner, but four double edged 2-in-1 dry erase markers.

  • Convenient dry-erase kit includes 2-in-1 dry-erase markers, eraser and spray cleaner
  • 2-in-1 markers are double sided, so you get two different color inks in each marker
  • One end is chisel tip for greater thick/thin line writing versatility and the other end is fine tip for detailed drawing and handwriting
  • Foam eraser easily wipes away dirt and marker dust from whiteboard surfaces
  • Spray cleaner simplifies removal of surface stains
  • All items in kit are suitable for use on any non-porous board surface, including Quartet whiteboards and dry-erase boards

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