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Magnetic eraser offers 3-in-1 cleaning for glass surface marker boards. The felt pad is reversible for 2 cleaning surfaces and a 3rd microfiber surface offers deep cleaning. Plus, the unique shape of eraser makes it easy to reach and erase writing at the corners of the board.

  • Quality eraser for glass surface marker boards keeps your writing surface clean
  • Felt pad effectively erases dry-erase ink and is reversible. Flip the pad for a brand new start.
  • Integrated microfiber eraser surface helps with periodic deep cleaning and residue removal
  • Eraser features a spot-erase friendly form. The oblong shape is excellent for spot erasing and successfully reaches into corners.
  • Eraser is magnetic to store directly on a magnetic board surfaces for quick and easy access. Extra strong magnet to work with Quartet Infinity™ Glass Marker Boards.
  • Durable molded handle fits your hand for maximum ease of use
  • 6 1/2"L x 2"W x 1 3/8"H

Product Specifications

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    6" x 3"