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Hang a flipchart or easel pad over your whiteboard easily with Quartet® Prestige 2 Connects™ flipchart hooks. The durable hooks attach securely to the top of the whiteboard and flipcharts are inserted over the posts.

  • Durable, plastic hooks secure a flipchart over the board surface
  • Simply slide hooks over top of the whiteboard frame to install
  • Flipchart or easel pad attaches to posts that extend from the front of the hooks for easy access and increased visibility
  • Ideal for use when space is limited or an easel is not available
  • Designed to fit perfectly with Quartet® Prestige® 2 line of whiteboards
  • 2 pack; each hook measures 4"H x 1"W x 1.25"D
  • Combine with other Quartet® Prestige 2 Connects™ accessories for a fully-functional, convenient and collaborative workspace

Product Specifications

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  • Magnetic
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