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Classic Dry-Erase Markers

Dry-erase markers are the essential accessory for every whiteboard. Quartet Classic Low Odor Dry-Erase Markers offer smooth writing as they glide easily over any whiteboard surface. Writing and drawings can be erased quickly without any mess. Use these dry-erase markers on any board surface including glass boards, porcelain boards, magnetic boards, non-magnetic boards and more.

Won’t Dry Out

DryGuard ink protection keeps markers from drying out. This innovative feature allows you to leave markers uncapped for up to two days with no risk. This is especially useful in a busy office or classroom where boards and accessories are shared. These Quartet markers are also AP certified, non-toxic and low odor so they are safe for use in any environment.

Magnetic Eraser Cap

It’s now easier than ever to make changes as you work. These dry-erase markers have a convenient eraser on top of the cap so that you can erase and update without having to stop what you’re doing and search for an eraser, or worse, use your hand. The eraser cap also has a magnet so that you can store it directly on the surface of a magnetic whiteboard in between uses.

Fine Tip Point Type

The fine tip on these dry-erase markers lets you write with thin lines, making it easy to create detailed notes and drawings, especially on smaller whiteboards. These markers ensure that you’ll never run out of writing room on your personal, cubicle or calendar whiteboard.

Classic Low Odor Dry-Erase Markers consistently write smoothly and erase easily. From the DryGuard ink protection that keeps markers from drying out, to the magnetic eraser cap that’s always there to quickly fix mistakes, these markers will give you the ultimate writing experience every time.

  • Quartet dry-erase markers glide smoothly over any whiteboard surface for effortless writing and consistent messaging
  • DryGuard ink protection gives you peace of mind that markers won’t dry out, even if left uncapped for up to two days
  • Magnetic eraser cap keeps an eraser at your fingertips for quick fixes while also letting you simply store your marker on any magnetic board
  • Fine tip allows for smaller handwriting, making it best for personal, cubicle and calendar whiteboards
  • Slim marker barrel is comfortable in your hand and perfect for writing for long periods of time
  • Dry-erase markers are AP Certified non-toxic and low odor for a pleasant and safe writing experience
  • Assorted color markers come in black, red, blue and green
  • Pack of 4

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