This little laser pointer is more powerful than it looks. Complete with a keychain attachment it easily fits in your pocket but projects a laser that is suitable for large venue use.

  • Class 3a keychain laser pointer is compact yet strong
  • Projects highly visible red dot over 1148 feet
  • Designed for large venue and/or conference room use
  • Keychain attachment hooks onto handbag, pocket and more
  • Includes 2 LR44 batteries
  • UPC: 718575180613
  • Battery Type: LR44
  • Detailed Color: Black
  • Laser Beam Color: Red
  • Laser Beam Type: Solid Dot
  • Laser Class: Class 3a
  • Period of Warranty: Unknown
  • Projection Distance (imperial): >1148 feet
  • Wavelength: 630-680nm
  • Power Requirements: Output: <5mW
  • Country of origin: China

It is easy to be prepared for the unexpected with the Mini Keychain Laser Pointer from Quartet. Our smallest laser pointer, this model is Class 3a and projects a red dot. Despite its compact size, this laser pointer is intended for use in large venues. When you are put on the spot to present, or simply need to help out a co-worker this laser pointer will be very handy. The convenient keychain attachment allows you to hook this mini laser pointer to your keys, your pocket or simply store it in your briefcase. The economical price also allows you to buy more than one so you can keep one in your desk and have on while you are on the road. At class 3a, the red dot from this laser is highly visible up close and from afar. The required 2 LR44 batteries are included. Laser pointer exterior is black.

Quartet® Mini Keychain Laser Pointer, Class 3a, Compact, Large Venue
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