Make the title of your presentation stand out with a display system header panel. Attach signage to panel with tape or push pins. Use with Show-It!® 3-panel and 6-panel display boards.

  • Display system header panel can advertise your company name, logo or presentation title
  • For use in any display space
  • 24"W x 10"H, double-sided
  • Attaches to top of Quartet Show-It! 3-Panel (SB93513Q) and 6-Panel Display Systems (SB93516Q)
  • Gray on one side, blue on other to match display boards
  • UPC: 718575935015
  • Detailed Color: Blue/Gray
  • Size: 24" x 10"
  • Dimensions: 24" x 10"
  • Country of origin: Portugal

For use in combination with the Quartet® Show-It!® Display Systems, this header panel helps your presentation stand out. The header easily attaches to the top of the display system to provide a designated titling space. At 2’W x 10”H your heading will not be overlooked. The header panel is double-sided and features a versatile fabric bulletin surface. A printed title, company name and logo, or any graphic you desire can be attached to the header panel with tape, thumbtacks, push pins or latch and key fasteners. With gray fabric on one side and blue fabric on the other the header perfectly matches the 3-panel display system and blends in with any environment. To enhance and enlarge your display space, you can stack two Show-It! 3-Panel Display Systems on top of each other and still attach the header panel to the top. This configuration is perfect for standing floor displays at trade shows, lobbies, offices and schools.

Quartet® Show-It!® Display System Header Panel, 24" x 10",  Double-sided, Blue/Gray
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