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Customizable Whiteboards

Maintaining organization and smooth operations in any business is easier said than done, but that is where Quartet® InView™ can help. A typical whiteboard with a blank surface can only take you so far, but InView is a fully customizable whiteboard that is designed specifically for you, by you. Your entire businesses’ organizational and communication needs can be met with this convenient whiteboard that can virtually do anything you need it to. For example, increase productivity and improve the workflow of your employees with an InView custom whiteboard that provides picture perfect scheduling that needs no explanation. Custom whiteboards are a versatile, effective and affordable solution that you can alter to meet your exact business needs.


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  • Quartet® InView™ Custom Whiteboards

    Create a whiteboard to meet your specific needs with InView™. Use our online templates to build your custom whiteboard. Build from scratch or edit a pre-designed board template.

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    Prices from $104.83
  • Quartet® InView™ Replacement Lenses

    Replacement for the clear, flexible patented dry-erase lens on InView™ boards. Provides a brand new Total Erase® writing surface for your custom whiteboard.

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    Prices from $20.72

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