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5 Reasons You Should Always Have a Whiteboard

Most modern professionals no longer suffer from the feeling of being “chained to a desk.” Tablets and smartphones have evolved to the point where even a laptop, let alone a desktop computer, is not needed to complete many daily work responsibilities. When you’re always on the go it is tempting to make the move to all-digital, but you shouldn’t underestimate the usefulness of a whiteboard or dry-erase board when it comes to organization and reference. 5 Reasons You Should Always Have a Whiteboard Written Communication – Chances are not everyone in your household (or your office) is as tech-savvy as yourself. A whiteboard can be the perfect place to jot down a message to a family member, and is especially useful to communicate with younger children who don’t have their own cell phone. It can also inform your co-workers if you’re just out to lunch vs. out on vacation before they call and disturb you. Pending Items – While the popularity of electronic opt-in grows, there are still some things that come in the mail. A magnetic whiteboard allows you to post up the few paper items you need to respond to such as a wedding invitation, school permission slip, or an overdue bill. Presentations – Nothing is more boring than a typical slide presentation, especially if the presenter insists on reading every line on the slide word for word. Spare your colleagues by using a whiteboard in your next presentation, and actively write out the key points as you talk. Also a lifesaver in the event technology fails. Emergency contacts – In the event of an emergency you do not want to have to search for your cell phone and scroll through a never-ending address book to find the one number you really need. A small whiteboard is a much more convenient place to keep emergency contact numbers. Use a wet-erase marker to prevent the numbers from accidentally rubbing off. Brainstorming – A whiteboard is simply a must-have when you are trying to organize thoughts to tackle a complex idea. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a birthday party or designing a new product at work; both checklists and visual representations are most useful on a whiteboard where they can be viewed, updated and changed by everyone involved. Do you have a whiteboard in your home or office? In what other areas do you find it is more useful than technology? ~Kathleen Sales, Quartet Blog Editor & Author

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