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5 Productivity Tricks

5 Productivity Tricks Is one of your resolutions to become more productive in the New Year? It’s a popular selection. The good news is increasing your productivity and improving your time management skills doesn’t have to be an arduous task. It is something that anyone can accomplish and is useful year-round. And we’ve come up with 5 helpful tricks to get you started. Observe Yourself Before you can become more productive, you have to see how you are spending your time. There may be gaps in the day that you spending doing meaningless tasks or being unproductive because of distractions. When you become aware of how you’re currently spending your time, it will become easier to change some habits and make better choices. Get Organized Productivity occurs naturally if you are able to become organized. Organizing may seem daunting but it really as simple grouping similar items together. The less time you spend searching for something, the more time you have to be productive. Go beyond your physical desktop and organize your computer screen desktop too. Prepare Each Day Take 15 minutes to leverage what you will do each day. Create priorities and make a plan to work through each and every one. Write down these priorities somewhere that you can constantly see them, and remember that you have control over your day. This helps to alleviate stress and make you more productive. Stay Motivated When you are in a positive mood, you get more accomplished. Figuring out what motivates you is a very useful step to becoming more productive. If music is helpful, listen to upbeat, positive music or turn on a podcast to help pump you up. Everyone has a different motivation that helps them to feel good. Don’t let stress and other negative feelings deter you from becoming a more productive person. Get the Right Tools One of the biggest obstacles to being as productive as possible is not having the tools you need at your disposal. Equip your work space with a whiteboard, dry-erase markers and other desktop accessories to easily keep track of your time, your progress and all your great ideas. Anthony Fongaro, Quartet Blog Author & Editor

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