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3 Innovative Time Management Tips

Saving time is something we are all interested in. And the one thing that most often stands in the way of saving time is inefficient time management. Try some of these innovative tips to expertly manage your time and find ways to squeeze in more of what you love. Make your own clock. This method is similar to having an appointment book that lists times to help you stay on task throughout the day. Draw a clock of your very own on a whiteboard. Be as creative as you want, using different color dry-erase markers to shade in time for each task. For example, color 12-1 green for lunch and 1- 1:30 blue for email. When you complete something, erase it. If you clockget everything on your to-do list done your clock will be clear and ready for tomorrow. Include the small stuff. You’d be surprised how much time of your day is spent doing menial tasks such as washing the dishes, organizing your desk, or checking your voicemail. Put all of these things on your to-do list. Having a visual reminder of all these tasks, while small, will help you feel more confident saying no to extra things that pop up at the last minute, because, you really are very busy. Use shorthand. Anyone who was a secretary before the time of computers will be able to tell you how invaluable shorthand is. Use Gregg shorthand or create your own code to write by that will enable you to quickly and easily build out your to-do list in no more than a few minutes. The faster you get started each morning the more efficient and productive your day will be. Think about your current daily schedule. How can you innovate around the strategies and tools you are using to better manage your time?  Not every organizational tool is for everyone. Mix, match and customize until you find the solution that works best for you. ~Kathleen Sales, Quartet Blog Author & Editor

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