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Practice Positivity to Avoid Communication Breakdowns

Abilities wither under faultfinding, blossom under encouragement. ~ Donald A. Laird This quote reinforces the value of constructive criticism. People don’t like to be told that they’ve done something wrong.  But,  people do make mistakes. The way in which we communicate with each other to address these mistakes has a large impact on the success of any business initiative. The simple truth is that communication is not effective if it is not “nice.” It’s natural to tune out anything you don’t want to hear. A recent ABC News report revealed that Americans work more than professionals in other countries, take less vacation and feel highly stressed. This can make it very difficult to remember to be nice when talking to others, especially if a mistake by another reflects poorly on you.  One solution is to practice positivity daily so that being nice in your communication with colleagues becomes habit. Tips to Being Nice 1 – Take in interest in other people’s lives. Building positive working relationships will allow to you think of colleagues as friends rather than associates, or worse, as your enemies and you’ll naturally be nicer. 2 – Place blame on yourself. For example, if a project wasn’t completed as expected you could say “Maybe my directions were unclear…” to help others feel at ease and less defensive. 3 – Talk face to face. It is too easy to be harsh or inconsiderate via email or phone. Speaking to someone in person promotes valuable two-way conversation and facilitates conflict resolution. 4 – Critique, but don’t correct. Correcting someone’s work for them may give the wrong impression that you think they are incapable. Instead help others learn from their mistakes and improve their skill set. 5 – Smile. People are more receptive to news coming from a person with a smile on their face. It naturally injects positivity into an otherwise negative atmosphere, and encourages relaxation. Looking for other ways to promote effective communication in your workplace? Invest in a Quartet® DuraMax® Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboard. It the perfect tool to ensure your team is always on the same page. Record meeting notes, post a project timeline, and more! ~Kathleen Sales, Quartet Blog Author & Editor

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Quartet ideaShare® and ideaShare2™ interactive whiteboards help colleagues across the globe enhance their collaboration, improve their productivity and generally communicate and work more efficiently. To continue to offer the best interactive whiteboard experience we offer a wide variety of training videos and product accessories to accompany the ideaShare line.

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To learn about how to set up ideaShare2 Scrapbook software and know more about its functionality, click on any of our informative training video links below.

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The training videos in this section explore ideaShare2 Scrapbook PowerPoint functionality. These video teach you how to view, navigate and annotate any PowerPoint file to create more dynamic presentations.

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The training videos in this section explain the functionality of the ideaShare2Interactive Tool Palette, which are the tools that allow you to successfully work in Scrapbook.

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The training videos in this section explore ideaShare2 Scrapbook Desktop Annotations, which breakdown the functionality of the Desktop Annotation Palette and show you how to create exciting presentations, right on your desktop.

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The training videos in this section breakdown ideaShare2 Scrapbook Functionality, so you can use the Interactive Tool Palette to master Scrapbook’s many unique and exciting features.

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