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F-U-N: Why You Should Have Some and How

When was the last time you had fun? Chances are likely it was not while you were at work. It’s all too easy for 8 hours a day in an office or cubicle to turn into a stuffy, boring experience. You rush to meet deadlines, spend time in meetings that drag and work diligently at your desk. But, did you know, that if you managed to have some fun and laugh throughout the day that you could solve problems more effectively, be more creative, avoid miscommunication, improve productivity, etc.? The benefits to having fun at work are well documented. So, now that we have you on board, here’s how to do it. Spend a few bucks on gags. Placing a whoopee cushion or fake vomit on someone’s chair is sure to start a good-humored conversation and laughter in the morning. Show comedy classics, like The Three Stooges or Mystery Science Theater 3000, in the office break room and encourage everyone to watch for at least part of their lunch hour. Rent a dunk tank, charge a to dunk the boss, and donate the money to charity. We did this on a Friday afternoon recently here at ACCO Brands and it was a huge success! Supply toys. Having a few childhood favorites such as jacks, paddleballs, hula hoops, or a basic whiteboard reserved specifically for coloring, can help spark original ideas. Plan a field trip. Being out of the office can relieve the guilt for those of us who feel bad for goofing off at work – if you all go to bowling alley there’s no excuse not to join in.   Why do you think fun is fundamental at work? Have you seen a positive result from injecting fun into your company culture? Let us know in the comments below. ~Kathleen Sales, Quartet Blog Author & Editor

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