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3 Easy Ways to Find Great Ideas

We are all capable of having great ideas. The key is often that we need inspiration; we need something to spark a connection in our minds. That connection, as a Wall Street Journal article explains, will always come when we aren’t looking for it. So, how do you have a great idea on demand? Take one from someone else. 1. Get help. Chances are you have lent a hand to a co-worker at one time or another. Ask them if they’d be willing to help you brainstorm ideas. You may be surprised by what you can come with using nothing more than a whiteboard and a 10 minute break. 2. Borrow from the competition. Your competitors have the same goals you do, so it only makes sense that what works for them may work for you too. Follow their blogs, peruse their websites and subscribe to their email lists to see what ideas you can borrow. 3. Enter the marketplace. Visit the places where your consumers are and pay attention. Seeing what people actually do makes it easier to identify their needs, and if you can strike up a conversation you can ask them first-hand for ideas on how you can enhance their experience. It is very easy to convince yourself that your ideas are better than someone else’s, but that prevents you from taking full advantage of your creative ability. Being open-minded to the ideas of others, appreciating the value of their innovations, and learning from their success can be very valuable. You will only miss out by living in a bubble. ~Kathleen Sales, Quartet Blog Author & Editor

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