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Be the Best Leader You Can Be

We all have job titles for a reason. Not everybody can do everything, and not for lack of trying. The simple fact is not everyone is good at everything. For instance, it is very unlikely that you will become a famous singer if you happen to be tone deaf. The good news is that you can use this to help improve performance, increase productivity and achieve greatness. All you have to do is focus on the one thing you are supposed to do. In honor of National Boss Day today, we will focus on those whose job title gives them the position of leader. Whether you are Director, Manager, Supervisor, Team Lead or otherwise distinguished as the person in charge, your job is to lead. To be effective in this role you must focus on leading. First step, learn to delegate. Part of being leader is assigning tasks to others. Show them how to do it and leave them to it. All the responsibility may fall on you if things fail, but that doesn’t mean that you have to, or should, do everything yourself. Second step, pay attention and listen. A great leader notices if someone is struggling and is able to determine a way to help them. Often times that person may even come to you and ask for help. Be receptive, and lead them to the resources they need. Third step, avoid stagnation. Truly successful leaders continue to stay “in the lead.” Look for ways to move your business forward. Make changes, take risks, do something to make a difference. Things will undoubtedly limp along without your interference, but that doesn’t equate success. We celebrate you today on National Boss Day because we recognize that being the boss isn’t easy. You have to be the bad guy who hands out undesirable tasks, you have to solve other people’s problems and you have to carve a path all at the same time. Despite how complex that sounds, you don’t have to be jack of all trades. You only have one thing to do: lead. So make sure you do it really, really well. Be the best leader you can be! Looking for a way to honor your boss today? Write Happy Boss Day in large, colorful letters on a mobile easel and have everyone sign with a personal message. Roll the easel into your boss’ office and take a few minutes to celebrate; maybe take lead yourself and spring for a cake!  

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Combination Boards

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Create a fully functional messaging and communication center with combination boards. Provides both a whiteboard and bulletin board surface to allow you to write and post information. A variety of combos are available; choose from blank, calendar and printed whiteboards as well as foam, fabric or cork bulletin surfaces.

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