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Innovate – Without Creating the Next Big Thing

There are a few things that stand in the way of innovation. One that you’ve probably heard, and may be guilty of saying yourself, is that innovating is too hard. It’s intimidating, a huge challenge, to be expected to come up with something that’s revolutionary. Well, who said innovation had to be revolutionary? Succeeding at innovation doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create the next big thing. Aim for “Easy and Affordable” Many businesses today fail because they are not able to stay relevant. Someone else comes in and replaces what they do, often by doing the same thing in a way that is easier and cheaper. That is the thing to remember when you are tasked with innovating – you don’t have to change the game! Simply take a closer look at what you are already doing. What purpose do your products serve? What complaints are you getting from your customers? Improving upon what you are already doing is still innovation. Look at Duck Tape®, for example. They have managed to innovate and gain some market share in the craft industry by taking their exact same product and making it in different colors, with patterns and designs. Or Esurance®. The insurance they offer isn’t really different from any other insurance company, but they did find a way to make it easier by putting it all on the internet. If you don’t find ways to innovate either by altering what you do, or fixing the kinks in your process, someone else will. Still stuck? When you draw a creative blank err on the side of easy and affordable. No one will turn away from the chance to engage with a brand that helps save them time and money. Coming Soon! Quartet® Standard DuraMax® Porcelain Magnetic Whiteboards! These made in the USA whiteboards offer all of  the impressive durability of porcelain at a value price. ~Kathleen Sales, Quartet Blog Author & Editor

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