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Dress for Success as an Adult

When I was in high school we had “Dress for Success” Fridays in my English class. If you chose to dress up you received 5 extra credit points. The qualifications to receive the extra credit were simple: no shirts with words and no jeans. Now that we are in the professional world dressing up has a different definition. Even if your job does not require business professional attire on a daily basis, knowing how to look your best and make the right impression in the workplace is an invaluable skill.  Formal meetings, business lunches, conferences, hosting clients and interviewing others are all occasions that demand you put extra effort into your appearance. The infographic below pulled from an Entreprenuer.com article outlines what you should wear to a business meeting. The bottom line is this: Suit Up! Now that you have your look down you can focus on outfitting your office. Check out Quartet.com to find the best whiteboards, bulletin boards, easels, presentation products and more. ~Kathleen Sales, Quartet Blog Author & Editor

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Great ideas need a place to live and grow, and Quartet boards are the perfect solution. We offer whiteboards and bulletin boards to fit the size and usage needs of every office. The basic construction of both whiteboards and bulletin boards varies greatly, and we encourage you take time to compare surface types. We also offer a large variety of specialty whiteboards, combination boards, enclosed boards and cubicle solutions. Quartet knows that you are hard at work interacting, organizing, presenting and getting things done. When you need a surface to write and communicate, our boards are the best solution.

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